Questions & Answers

First and foremost, at Identitius you can buy the domain so that you have full control before the lease ends.

If you do not execute your right to buy the domain during, then you can still negotiate with the domain owner / lessor to renew the lease.

Lastly, if you or the domain owner / lessor chooses not to renew, then the domain owner / lessor will re-assume DNS control. You do not lose your site, but they will likely no longer point the domain to your site.

A domain lease is very similar to a commercial real estate lease, except here we give you the option to buy.

Yep, every domain listed on Identitius includes an option to buy up front or during the lease period. The expiration on the purchase option typically ends when the lease period ends, but it may end sooner or extend further, depending upon the contract.

Identitius asks all domain owners to attest that their domains are free of any trademark, copyright, or other IP infringements. Identitius makes no guarantees in this regard as trademark issues are between the domain owner and the party leasing the domain.

Conversely, domain owners / lessors may include copyright or trademark rights. Again, check with the owner as Identitius makes no guarantees as these issues are between the domain owners and the party leasing the domain.

It’s always smart to consult with an attorney as well.

Free traffic is usually a good thing. We’ll leave it up to you how you want to handle traffic who’s looking for the prior tenant.

With SEO, you should be in a better position than just starting from scratch, unless the prior tenant “damaged” the property. SEO principles apply the same here as anywhere, so due diligence on your end matters.

Your site is yours. You can move your site where you want, let your customers and search engines know, and ask websites with backlinks to your site to make changes. Ultimately, the site is yours and the domain is not. Unless, of course, you choose to buy it.

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